Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Secret Goal

I am putting this into the Universe because they say if it is meant to be, it will be.

I have always wanted to be a clogger. I have always wanted to take clogging lessons and perform in cute outfits.

And when I found out that Z would be a girl, I envisioned it all in my mind. The mother-daughter clogging lessons, the matching outfits, her curls bouncing in rhythm.

How stinkin' cute is that?
I have no rhythm. In fact, my sense of rhythm is so bad that my band director once asked me not to tap my feet while playing my flute because it would throw him off while conducting the band.

I also don't know how to move my body at all. I have rarely ever danced in public and I blame it on my hands. Where do I put my hands? Should I run them through my hair? Should I hold them straight at my sides? Do I try to cram them in my pockets or hide them behind my back? Why do I have hands? Aaaaah.

It's a lot to deal with and no matter how often I look at other girls trying to figure it out, the result for me is always the same. And then, I look like I am staring at these girls and they want to know what my problem is. I am amazed that I have not been killed in some sort of bitchy girl bar fight. Dancing presents too much pressure for me.

So do bars. I don't like bars. I am much too awkward to hang out, trying to figure out how to dance, sober, watching people much younger than me imitate doing things that I wouldn't even do now. Home is safer. Dancing at home with the munchkin is not nearly as dangerous.

I also do not watch any of the gazillion sleep inducing dance shows that are on TV. It's all so boring to me, watching people waltz and tango and cha cha cha.

But I do want to clog.

In January, classes start for our local clogging group and I really want to do it. Z cannot join in the fun until she is 5 which will give me a chance to figure out if I am really going to do it before taking her along.

Maybe I can figure out what to do with my hands between now and then.


  1. Such a fun idea! :) I always wanted to be able to dance or paint. I can't do either, at least not when I'm awake LOL! I have dreams where I can dance.

    You're so awesome. I swear that if we lived close we'd be such good friends.


    Do it. Just do it. And then tell us all about it. Because the women I have met are HILARIOUS and AWESOME and we spent WAY more time laughing at ourselves than getting steps right.

    And if you move to Wisconsin we can take classes TOGETHER!!! And Z can take classes, too, because the Tiny Tots start at age 3. :)


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