Friday, March 5, 2010

For the Love of Music

The Hubs and I met in high school band. We have always shared a love of music so when I recently won tickets to a local Contemporary Christian concert at the Civic Center, we made sure to bring the Supergirl along. She had a great time, clapping her hands, dancing and singing. What an awesome night!

Our New Site

Here is the new and improved Bush Family website!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Playing Princess

On Thursday nights, I tend to be a more lax momma. 

Maybe it's the end of the week coming, or just sheer exhaustion, but bedtime is later on Thursdays and we do more fun and imaginative things. Typically, Thursday nights are either easy dinner nights (like breakfast for dinner) or leftovers, so that frees up more time in my schedule as well. 

On this Thursday, we broke out the princess gear and had a tea party (with kool-aid, cut sandwiches and popcorn). Then Supergirl did my makeup and we rounded out the night with a Supergirl pedicure. 

Yay for Thursday!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finally Well

The Supergirl and I have been ill. Very ill. 

Let me rephrase - Supergirl was ill for about 7 hours, momma was ill for 5 long days. During my illness, the Supergirl was feeling wonderful and running circles around me as you can see from this picture. This is her new place to hide and play. She keeps asking me to close the door behind her. Good reason to keep the dryer door closed at all times, except when I am in the laundry room.

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