Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sick Baby

Zoe has her first official cold.

She was running a little temperature so we called Urgent Care at CHP to find out if she could have some Tylenol. They said it would be better if we brought her in. They did blood work, an X-Ray (her first professional pictures!)and a urine test to make sure that she did not have any kind of infection. They said, yes, Tylenol is fine and sent us on our way.

When we got home there were six calls from the Urgent Care saying that they had detected a hernia and that we needed to come pick up the X-Rays and take them straight to the Emergency Room. Panic ensued and 6 hours later we were released from the Emergency Room, nothing was wrong we just had an overly cautious X-Ray tech.

Zoe is fine now, the Tylenol broke her fever and she is ready to go to church tomorrow for Easter Sunday.

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