Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Daily Bread

Zoe and I eat dinner together every night. Thomas usually works nights so we are on our own for dinner. I try to always include something green in our meal, so on this night we were having broccolli florets and taco salad with corn, black beans, tomatoes, ground beef and cheese (yummy!). Right now, Zoe thinks I am the best cook in the world and that makes me happy.

Every night is a home cooked meal, I do not allow Zoe to have fast food yet, so I have to be imaginative in the things that I make so that she does not become bored. I make my dinner schedule for two weeks in advance and then buy all of the groceries at one time so that we are not wasting time in the store everyday. It works for us.

At dinner time, Zoe and I say a prayer, I turn off the TV and she and I eat and talk until we are both satisfied. Then we take a bath, and watch a famnily friendly movie (last night we watched Aladdin), at 9:30 she is off to bed and I am off to the sewing room.

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