Monday, August 9, 2010

Why This Momma Needs a Serger

I use a Singer Sewing Machine. It has made plenty of crafty things and has been with me through the rough times (when I couldn't sew a straight-line to save my life, when the gears got so gunked up that my needle wouldn't go down AT ALL, when baby girl decided that my'chine needed a bit of gum) and we have persevered. 

As I have grown in my sewing skills, I have been told by one Sewing Mama after another that I MUST get a serger. I have resisted -  because we are quite literally broke, because I work two jobs and because I only get about 15 hours of actual crafty time in during the week. But, now, after two weekends in a row of mass producing the amazing (two skirts, a summer dress, a pillow, a tutu and completing several of my UFOs), I know that I NEED a serger. 

I need a serger because it will help me get over the plateau of things just being a little two easy, I need a serger because if another of baby girl's teachers asks me if her outfits are homemade (pretty stinking obvious, you take her potty like 6 times a day) we may get to physical violence, but really I need a serger because it would be something that I will never do for myself. 

A serger is a luxury that I would never allow myself, a way to further express myself that I will never indulge in, in my world, a serger is the equivalent to the honeymoon I never went on, the new clothes that I never splurge on (though I am learning to make my own), the Christmas presents that I never tell hubby I want (because I know that it would blow our budget), the flute I pawned to pay off my husband's car. It is silly and frivolous, but that does not stop me from going by and visiting them, repeatedly scouring Craigslist for the one little old lady that has no one to pass it on to and is searching for me, from asking the ladies at Joanne's if they are certain that the floor model isn't just a little dated...

I would love a serger, I would really love a new serger, but I will never let myself buy one. I reckon that I am not above begging.

Oh, and in case I couldn't convince you - here's the kid:

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