Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Night Night Sweetheart

Zoe has a really good nightime routine. She is afraid of the dark so my mother got her a seahorse that plays music and the tummy lights up. She knows that bedtime is coming when the seahorse comes out.

6:00 PM - Mommy and Zoe arrive home after a long day away
6:30 PM - Mommy goes in the kitchen to cook dinner, Zoe goes in the high
chair and Daddy gives her cereal
7:00 PM - Zoe sits in the bouncy chair while Mommy and Daddy eat
7:30 PM - Bathtime!
7:50 PM - Nursing and a Book (Daddy leaves for work)
8:00 PM - Sound asleep

I lay her in the playpen in the living room and do chores or crochet until 11:00 PM. Then she wakes up and I take her into bed with me. She sleeps with me until Thomas comes home from work and then I get up (she is usually still asleep) and take my shower and do what I have to (pack the diaper bag, wash bottles, get the wipes and a clean diaper ready, pick out her outfit, etc., etc.) in the morning before I wake her up.

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