Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Zoe's New Ride

Last night before I left work there was a post on Freecycle for a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe. I called and the car was still available so I drove over on my way home and picked it up for my munchkin.

We had to take it completely apart for me to get it in my car, but I was able to put it all together (with my Zoe audience cheering me on) in about a half an hour.

It's still too big for her, she can't reach the floor to drive herself, but she loves it. I push her all around the house and she squeals and reaches through the windows to grab at things. She holds the steering wheel and honks the horn everywhere we go. The dog is afraid of it so she thinks that's pretty funny too.

Her new favorite toys are the car and my old cell phone (no worries, I took out the battery). Apparently, I have been a bad role model because she is trying to text while driving...


  1. Texting while driving....too funny!

  2. Hilarious! She'll be begging you for the keys in no time!


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