Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Momma Living Radically

Our church has embarked on a new series called "RADICAL" based on the book by David Platt. The book (what I have read of it, since the delivery of my copy has been delayed by sudden winter storms throught the country) is amazing. It truly makes you question your belief, your desire to follow God and how you live your life. It's exactly the jolt to my belief that I have been needing and has spurred in me a deep desire to really read the bible, have a relationship with God and truly follow him. Pretty lofty stuff, I know. 

So the church has decided to do a 21 day fast. You can choose what you are fasting from, how extreme (or radical) you want to be, it's really whatever God moves you to pursue. I have decided that I am all in, so I am fasting completely (except for water and fruit juices) for the next 21 days. When I would normally be eating, I am reading the bible. I am excited to see where God takes me in this journey but I have no doubt that He will lead me to greatness. 

In addition to the 21 day fast, they are also offering up weekly "Family Challenges" that are designed to help us interact with our spouses and children and engage Scripture. This week's Family Challenge is to turn off all electronic entertainment. No TV, no radio, no Facebook or Twitter at home for a week. Last night was interesting. Z kept begging that I turn the TV on, but we ended up reading and going to bed early. Amazingly, she slept very well the entire night and woke up bright and happy this morning. 

Maybe we should just sell the TV...

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