Friday, February 1, 2013

Ask A Man - Man Looking

One of the questions that I have often asked myself is how is it that a man can never find what they are looking for? I mean, they are pacing back and forth looking only at the ground, hands crammed in their pockets screaming and yelling about how "nobody can find anything around here, damn it!"

Obviously they are the best people to find things, right? I mean its typically their stuff that they are trying to find - its not like I try to convince the Hubs to find my bra or socks in the morning. And, yet, almost everyday I hear, "Have you seen the remote?" or "Do you know what I did with my phone?".

When I got the ask a man question last week from a very concerned wife that her man may be losing his eyesight or his memory, I knew that Dr. Assberry would need to give some of his expert advice on this particular topic.

"Dear Dr. Assberry,
 Lately it seems as though my husband maybe losing his memory and/or his eyesight. He can't seem to remember where he put anything and once he does find them he leaves them in the strangest places! There is currently a sander in the middle of my living room floor for absolutely no reason. And yesterday, he asked where we keep the recycling bin. We have lived here for seven years, it has never been anywhere different. Should I take him to the eye doctor or the neurologist?
~Why Don't You See That?"
Dear Thoughtful Wife,
Before you take your husband to the doctor, ask yourself a few questions. Is the thing that he is looking for neon? Is it that important, like a check or cash? If not, then he is probably waiting for you to find it for him. That's one of the reasons that we get married, to have someone to help look after us. Also, this new trend of leaving things for you to clean up? Probably just his way of showing you that you are needed around the house. It doesn't work both ways though, so don't start thinking that you can leave things laying around and they will magically find their way to where they belong. You will only end up angry in that scenario - I promise. Of course, I am not a medically trained professional and if there are other things going on that you have not said, make sure that you take him to the doctor.
~The Good Doctor
I would like to thank Dr. Assberry for his candid response to our reader's questions. If you should have a question for the doctor you can e-mail it to me here or post it in the comments section below.

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