Wednesday, December 26, 2007

First Christmas

Supergirl is one week old today. I can't believe it has already been a week. She had to go in for a weight check at the doctor's office and she is still weighing in at the same weight that she was when we left the hospital.

There was also a special worship gathering at church for Christmas Eve that the Hub's parents joined us for. As I expected from her behavior while I was pregnant, she loved the music and would fall asleep whenever the band would play. She does not like when Pastor M speaks and would wake up and fuss whenever he would speak. I was so exhausted anyway that I was having a hard time following the message so she and I hung out in the coffee bar for most of the service.

My dad was out of town for Christmas so we spent Christmas dinner with the Hub's parents (Grandma and Grandaddy) instead of splitting up the day like we normally do. Supergirl got to wear her special Christmas dress (albeit for a very short time since it was so cold and rainy). She has been going through a growth spurt for the last few days so she has been wanting to eat constantly. The Hubs and I had to split up our dinner times so that one of us could take care of her while the other one got to eat.

Supergirl received a whole toy box of gifts and books from her grandma, including books that the Hubs had when he was little and the baby blanket that she had crocheted when she found out that she was pregnant with him.

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