Monday, June 16, 2008

A Homemade Father's Day

It's no secret that things get a little tight when a new baby enters the picture, so I wanted to make Thomas's first Father's Day special without breaking our bank. I opted to have a homemade holiday.

My first idea was to have Wendy help me make t-shirts for my family. Zoe's shirt says "Daddy's Zoe" and his shirt says "Zoe's Daddy", we also made one for Thomas's father that says "Zoe's Grand Daddy".

My second idea was to make pajama bottoms for him with my sewing machine that he got me a few years ago. Things have been so hectic since we moved and I got pregnant that I have gotten a bit rusty. I had bought several yards of this fabric when I was pregnant with Zoe thinking that I would use it to make curtains for her room. I ended up using a different fabric for that though which left me with about four yards of this fabric just waiting for my brain to come up with an idea.

I worked on this for several days last week while Zoe was learning how to sleep in her own bed, but I just got more and more frustrated. Finally, I asked my favorite Sewing Mamas (Wendy and Shelly) for their opinions. I tried their advice and, remarkably, it worked, just in time for Father's Day! Once I got done with his pants, I realized that Zoe needed a pair of her own as well.

They both wore them to church today and the pastor had Thomas stand on a chair while holding Zoe so that everyone could see what he had gotten for Father's Day.

After church Thomas went to work and I prepared a feast of beef ribs (cooked at 250 degrees for 7 hours), crab legs, baked potato and baked beans. Thomas was delighted to come home to the smells of his favorite foods in the world.


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