Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ask A Man - A New Feature for a New Year

The Scare Bear and I have had several conversations as of late regarding the best way to add a little something extra to the blog. The Supergirl is less of a toddler and more of a big girl and is capable of carrying on a conversation without mispronouncing or incorrectly using phrases, so her funny is dwindling. And I am not going to re-open my womb to any new people anytime soon, so we are running out of funny.

Our initial thought was to create a list of the things that bother us about our spouses and have them respond back. Unfortunately, we feel that could lead to bruised egos and hurt feeling from both sides so we withdrew our weapons pencils and came up with a new idea - Ask A Man.

Now we were tasked with finding a man that would be willing to deal with our questioning (we have lots of questions), but would also be good humored about me posting the responses on the blog, and also have a sense of humor about the questions submitted.

That brings me to the introduction of Dr. Assberry. Dr. Assberry is married and a father of two girls. He works as a mechanic full time and with me at Tiny Town Auto Parts on the weekends. He is eager to share his insight, as well as learn a few things along the way from the questions that we ladies ask.

We almost bombed with our very first question, but here we go.

Why is that when a man gets sick, the world is ending? What's up with the moaning and whining? It's just a cold, do you really think you are dying?
Same question, every 28 days. 
 (To be fair, we are a.) cursed with this issue and b.) hemorrhaging. We could really be dying. Every month, I wonder if this is the month where my uterus just falls out on the floor and I bleed to death. It didn't used to be that bad, but now? Now, I may very well be dying a little with every passing month.)
Men are a lot like eggs, we are hard on the outside and slimy on the inside. Let's try another one. 
Why is that men never notice the little things, like haircuts?
I could say, "Wow, you got a haircut", but that seems like it is just stating the obvious. Honestly, men are a lot like dogs. If you make food, we are going to eat it. If you ask if we want to go for a drive, the answer will most likely be "Hell yeah, I wanna go" and we will probably breathe hard on the windows too. If you ask if we wanna, you know... well, yeah, we always wanna. 
But it's the end to a means. You say things like "wow, your ass looks really good in those jeans" or "your hair looks really great" and suddenly your woman is all up on you. Why would it be so hard to say a few words to get that? Do you really notice and you're acting like Thumper? ("if you can't say anything nice...") or do you not notice at all? 
Men notice drastic changes, blonde to red or "fro" to no. Something as simple as a hair cut is easily missed by men. We're so absorbed into the day-to-day that things are taken for granted.
So are women though, especially when it is someone that you see every single day and then you guys get bent out of shape when we don't notice it. Isn't that a double standard? 
 Men don't change their hair or anything as often as women do. To say, "I shaved my legs" - Huh! Okay, that's cool and all, and I definitely appreciate it, but, are we crickets? Men know a woman wants one of two things if she's shaved, she wants to have sex or she's going to wear a skirt tomorrow.
Women tend to get comfortable in relationships, very quickly, and they stop doing the things that attracted their men in the first place.

I would like to thank Dr. Assberry for his very candid responses to our questions this week. If you should have a question that you would like answered, please e-mail me at

What do you think of Dr. Assberry's responses? Comment below.

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