Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Insomniacs Unite!

I don't sleep anymore. I nap in two to three hour binges (with the exception of last Thursday when I slept all of the day due to my kidney infection and high fever) and then wake up trolling the internet and streaming Netflix until the sun begins to rise and Henry begins to crow his sweet rooster song (that's sarcasm for those of you that are new around here).

And, that, of course, is the exact same time that I realize I am both physically and mentally exhausted.

Around 4 o'clock today, I will suddenly be overcome with energy. I will pick up my kid, go to the grocery store, cook dinner, do laundry and hang out with the family. I will be up until 12:30 or so. I will fall asleep somewhat easily, with a tiny grey kitten perched on my cheek (that's where she likes to sleep) until about 3:30 or so.

And then my day will begin.

Someone told me the other day that I am an overthinker, I think I am more than that. I overthink, I overspeak, I overdo - my mind will not allow me to shut off, or even turn down the noise of the day. Sometimes I talk more than I should, just to drown out all of the other noise that is in my head (sad, but true). I make lists in my head at night, in the quiet, things that need to be done, steps that need to be taken, and on and on.

I have decided to embrace the weird, to stay up when my body wants to, to sleep when my body finally allows me to, and just run with that for awhile. Sleep is for normal people.

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