Wednesday, February 24, 2010

God Made Dirt and Dirt Don't Hurt

The Supergirl loves to play in dirt. Especially if it is thick and cakey, so imagine my surprise when I picked her up last night and she was covered in it. 

On the ride home, she decided to take off her "red clay" stained shoes and after hearing me tell her no, my child, the child to whom I gave birth and the child to whom I provide food, water and shelter each day said "Gimme a break, Mom. Gosh."

I am gonna take her advice and grab a break for myself. I made time for myself to eat breakfast this morning. Something I haven't done since I was pregnant with her I might add - how awesome is that? That's my one small thing for the day, although that one is really really small.

Anyway, all of our window garden plants are sprouting and will be ready to plant this Monday, one month ahead of schedule. That means a lot of hard work this weekend for the family as we finish raking, tilling and mulching. I cannot wait until it is all in the ground and growing. And I am really ready to be able to "shop" from our backyard for our dinner. That's one of my best memories from childhood and I am pretty excited to share that with Supergirl. 

That's about it on this gray and dreary day, it's a great day to walk up the 91 stairs to the roof, but I am ready for it. 

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