Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Apologies and A Funny Thing Happened at Church

First of all, I would like to apologize to you, my loyal readers, for disappearing so much this month. As I posted on Monday, I have a lot going on. Between two birthday parties for the big girl (one normal at the park party, another a slumber party that took on a new meaning of slumber), assisting with the toddlers for the annual church Christmas pageant, preparing to take on a community group that starts (eek!) in January, apprenticing with my current community group leader, working full-time, trying to keep my ever growing child in shoes and clothes at least through the winter, fretting about bills and money and homelessness - I am on overdrive and my blog has suffered for it. 

My child never sleeps. Never, that is, unless there are other kids in the house. Then it is ON!
On Sunday morning, the Hubs and I showered, dressed, and fed 3 little girls and got them out of the door and on time to church. To say that it was a miracle is to put it lightly and leaves me wondering how we can do that with 3 girls when we can never do it with our 1? Puzzling mysteries of the world, I suppose.

I love to sit in the front pew directly in front of the stage. It helps the Hubs stay awake (most of the time, which is a real issue. Apparently, if pews are involved, the Hubs is napping. Who knew that church could be so comfortable?) but it also helps me feel more plugged in, more part of the conversation, and, during worship, I need space. I really like worship.

So, anyway, our pastor, Pastor B, was talking about hearing God and the steps we needed to take to be able to truly hear God's conversations with us. It was a very powerful message and when I felt the Hubs kind of sinking down into his seat a little, I reached over to hold his hand hoping that it would help wake him up a little. His hand that I thought was laying in his lap. Imagine his shock and my embarrassment when I realized that what I was actually grabbing was his junk!

I snatched my hand away very quickly just as I saw a nod and a slight wink from our ever professional pastor who just continued on with his message.

I am pretty sure that the Hubs will not fall asleep at church anytime soon.



    That. Is. Awesome.

  2. Water flying out my nose as I am laughing!!!! You are too too funny, my friend!!

  3. bahahahahahaha - oh my gosh. I'm sure that DID alert him out of going to sleep. And the pastor saw it??? lol Oh I would have crawled under the pew.

  4. That. Is. Hilarious! I'm sure that definitely woke your hubby up!

  5. Oh that's hilarious. No more sleeping for him!


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