Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Things She Says

I hear Z in the bathroom, laughing.




"Z, what are you doing?"

She turns away from the mirror. "Working on my evil laugh. All evil queens should have one."


"Nobody likes me, every body hates me, I eat worms..." I sing as we eat gummy worms for dessert.

"Momma, nobody doesn't like me. Everyone loves me. I am awesome. I am the greatest. You should be more like me..."

I am so glad she has the gift of humility.

When Z finds a new word she likes to experiment with it, try it out in new and different places to figure out where it belongs.

Last week's word was lame.

It is now a bad word.


On Christmas morning, upon discovering the bounty of gifts under the tree: "YES! I FINALLY MADE IT TO THE GOOD LIST!!!!"

The Goodyear blimp flew over our grocery store the other night. I pointed it out and said, "Look at that big balloon."

"I think it looks more like a pregnant plane."

"Actually, it's blimp. That's a balloon that people can fly."

Now, everything is a blimp or she is going to turn me into a blimp or the dog is just a silly blimp.

Blimp may be banned next...


I had to add some more because I can't sleep and I just remembered them...

Playing doctor, Z says, "I have to examine your testes and then I will tell you when you are having my brother and sister." (Probably not my testes that need to be examined.)


To the Scare Bear whose mother is a semi-truck driver.

"Um, Scare Bear, I hate to tell you this but...your mother lives in a truck."


We have to have a kid exchange in a parking lot every night of the workweek (the Hubs works nights). As he is kissing me good-bye the voice in the backseat screams, "Quit having sex with my mother!"


  1. Love love love these!!!

  2. The last one was hilarious! Lame being a bad word was my fav. ~TALU


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