Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Am THAT Parent

I made a video for Z this week from Santa.

I don't like to lie. I especially don't like to lie to authority figures and, unfortunately, I view Santa as an authority on all things naughty and nice. I did not lie to Santa when I input that she had been naughty and had not followed through with the few tasks that have been assigned to her.

She got the naughty video.

She watched with delighted expectation Santa as he talked about her year and the kind of toys that are on her wish list. Her mouth hung open as he opened her "special file" that contained pictures from Halloween and our Christmas vacation. And when Santa asked the elves to see if she was on the nice list or the naughty list, her face fell 400 feet to the floor when she realized that Santa knew that her behavior hasn't really been up to snuff.

He encouraged her to try harder, to do better, to listen and do as she has been told.

I think it may have fallen on deaf ears. It's either that or she is testing Santa.

This is the first year that she truly understands repercussions and consequences for her actions. The way that she has gone on and on about how "Santa is gonna get me" or "I need Santa to buy me this" has sent this momma spiraling. This mass accumulation of STUFF at the very end of a very hard year is enough to make me scream.

This is not what I want for my child, this selfish spirit, this idea that things will bring her happiness. I have heard her singing, "Gimmee lots o' presents, cause it's Christmas time!!!!". That is not a Christmas song that I want to know the words to and as she gets older, it will only be that much harder to tame this type of greed.

We have never gone really big at Christmas. A few thoughtfully chosen gifts, a quiet morning at home, cinnamon buns baking as we open the gifts. The more that I fight against having the blow out Christmas fare, TV commercials, a trip to the mall, and conversations with friends have blown this holiday into something laden with expectation and "I WANT".

There will be a let down on Christmas morning.

I just hope and pray that she makes it there, because, given the attitude so far this year, I am not sure how she will make it to Santa's nice list in time.

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  1. (1) Awesome video. I did the same (as a joke) to the teen last year -- not thinking that the younger sister would spend the next week and a half completely traumatized and upset that her sister wasn't getting anything. (Totally backfired.)

    (2) I feel ya on the Overblown Christmas. We, too, want to get back to the meaning but find it SO incredibly "against the odds," you know? The kids get three gifts each from Me. Santa brings one (the last thing they get to open). And they are supposed to give each other small gifts to each other. (When they were younger they would decorate a pillowcase; things like that.)That's it. Three. That's my limit. My kids also know that I'm not going to go out and buy them crazy expensive things so they don't ask for that.

    But I'm still at a loss for how to bring the real meaning of Christmas back. Helping others. A spirit of giving - not gifts, but of ourselves. *sigh* When you figure it out, let me know.


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