Thursday, April 19, 2012

When Nightmares Strike

The Scene: My bed

The Time: Way, way, way too early this morning

The Scenario: I was sleeping soundly in my bed. "Momma?", the little voice roused me enough to make me open one eye.

"Hmmmmm?" I replied, no yet quite verbal enough for whatever hour of the morning this might be.

"I had a nightmare, can I sleep with you?"

"Mmmmmmmm, come on."

She climbs up and over my body, knee to the bladder (every time, every single time) and settles under the covers next to me.

"Momma, can I tell you about my nightmare?"

"Mmmmm. Yeah. Okay."

"I was swimming....blah, blah, blah, blah...."

I have fallen back asleep, so nice to be back asleep, I am so happy to be asleep right now under these warm covers snuggled up to my Supergirl... sleep, sleep, sleep...



"Don't you want to hear about my nightmare?"


"Then maybe you should stop snoring and listen."

Oh, snap. Okay, really need to try to focus here. Get it together, Momma. Listen. Focus. This pillow is so soft, it is really so warm under this comforter. I like sleep. 

"I was swimming and..."

"Momma. Momma? Mom? MOOOOOMMMMMYYYY!"

Ignore, ignore, ignore. She'll fall back asleep. Really. Just ignore. 

Two warm hands are placed on either side of my face, a small child is sitting on my chest.

"NO SNORING! I need to tell you about my nightmare."


We get back into position, she begins her story. "I was swimming with some dolphins..."

No sound. Nothing. I open my eyes to look at her sleeping face. Sound asleep.

I turn off the alarm. I go to the bathroom.

I guess I am up for the day.

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