Friday, September 14, 2012

Little Miss Can't-Be-Wrong

Since starting school a few weeks ago, Supergirl has decided that she is the expert of everything. Every possible thing.

"You're cutting the chicken wrong," she'll criticize. She has never cut raw chicken, so she has no way of knowing if my way is wrong or not.

"What do you know about it?" I ask, pausing to look at her menacing glare.

And with hands on hips, she scowls at me, "I know if I choke, you're gonna get in a lot of trouble."

Okay, she's got me there. There are other things that she is not so smart about.

For instance:

She likes to play this game while we are in the car. I start by asking her where Africans are from. She answers correctly and I give her Americans. As the game goes on, it starts getting funny and then a little dicey.

"Canadians?" Canadia (every time, every single time).

"Spanish people?" China. (Yep. China.)

"English people?" Tallahassee, FL (Ya'll this is the birthplace of a language! Yee haw!)

Additionally, she does not seem to understand how last names work.

"Who is the President?" Barack Obama. "And what is his wife's name?" Missus Barack Obama or Michelle Barack Obama - no matter how many times we explain it, it is always this way.

Finally, no matter what she tells you, the teacher DID NOT tell her it is okay to bite the kid that tries to take her place in line, I DO know how to brush my own hair, and the Hubs CAN run the washing machine.

She doesn't know everything - she just thinks she does.

I wish I could be 4 (AND A HALF!) and know everything all over again.

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