Thursday, September 22, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

Last night, the Scare Bear and I took some time escaping away from our families. We went to a cake decorating class.

The class was a bit more fundamental than what I had had in mind. It was a class on decorating with fondant and I really thought there would be mixing, food coloring, etc. Instead, they had ready made fondants in an array of colors ready for us to work with.

It felt very much like kindergarten for grown-ups as we rolled the brightly colored putty onto the counter, sprinkling out powdered sugar as we went. Cutting out shapes of stars and hearts, flowers and leaves, I was taken back to the girly-girl of my youth. If there had been some glitter and a friggin' unicorn cookie cutter - I would have been all over that shizz.

We talked about Justin Beiber (I don't know, really) and books and movies and the table of 30 and older than 30 somethings became a group of giggly girls.

It was a delicious time.

The huge bonus, beyond discovering the mysteries of fondant and now being able to decorate our own cakes, is that when we got home from a fun night out with the girls we had a cake to appease the Hubs and children.

Money well spent.

Thank you, Groupon Gods for making these things happen.

The Scare Bear's awesome argyle cake. What a great job!

My girly-girl swirl cake. Hearts, stars, flowers - yep, that's me. 

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