Thursday, September 29, 2011

People in Russia Will Love This

My blog comes up in a Google search.

Pretty impressive, right? I feel like I have made it in the blogosphere because now people can google things like "her undies were filled with poop" and find this little gem of internet gold.

What finally broke through the internet wall of search terms, you wonder? Well, it would be people in Russia, googling (of all things) horses. Pictures of horses, wild horses, horses running, horses running through water.

But, wait, Momma, I have read your posts and I have never read a post about horses running in or out of water. Ah, I wondered this myself until I stumbled on this little artifact.

It is the most popular post on the blog.

I don't understand the internet.

Or people in Russia, and why they want to to search for horses so much.

But I like the attention.

So horses.

Wild horses.

Horses running through water.

Horses with horns are called Unicorns (I totally stole that from Glee).

Welcome, new friends from Russia, welcome. Have a sip of Vodka, sit back relax and read for awhile. Invite your wife and kids to laugh at the silly American girl attempting to woo you.

In other news, this post ignited a fire storm of interest on Twitter the other night. I honestly had no idea that it would touch as many people as it did, or garner my little blog so much attention. Thank you for reading, thank you for wanting to know our family, thank you for being as offended as I am that this is still going on in our society. You are all awesome.

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