Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Self Indulgence

If you have been reading the blog for any time now, you know a lot about my home and the woods surrounding my home, and the critters that live in the woods that surround my home. What you may not know is that there is one thing that was a selling point for us to move out to the country.

And it had nothing to do with bears. Nothing to do with chickens either.

It had to do with with our wonderfully large garden tub in our master bathroom. And the walk-in shower (because nothing is grosser than standing in a slick tub calf deep in your own undraining filth.) I know because the reason that we decided to move from our last place is because everything stopped draining, all at the same time. Right when I got the stomach flu and the handy man happened to be out of town on vacation.

So we moved.

It takes about 9 hours for the tub to be completely full (part of the problem with such a large tub) and so it has never really been used, but in light of all of the hideous patches of itchy blisters that cover my body, I have taken to nightly oatmeal baths. I put the child to sleep, turn on the faucets and then gather my towels, my book, my candles, etc. It's become a ritual now, my way to unwind after a hard day of poo wrangling and child screaming.

The first night, it was a little strange. I kept thinking that if I had some brown sugar body scrub, someone might think it a good idea to start eating my bathwater. Maybe me. It's hard not to think of food when you are soaking in a tub that smells remarkably like breakfast.

And then it is hard to go to bed because you smell like food and you want food, but you don't know what you want really, so you decided to sit down and watch Hoarders because nothing will dampen an appetite like watching Hoarders.  But then you got sucked in and it is almost 2 in the morning and you are still a little hungry.

I was talking about the tub, not my willingness to gain any amount of weight at this point, although I don't feel good, am more than a little depressed about this whole unemployment situation and am really starting to feel a bit like a societal outcast, might as well eat. Food loves me - right?

At any rate, the tub and I have a thing going and I am not sure that it will stop once the blisters finally scab and the itching finally abates. It's good to have a refuge. It's awesome to have found my very own time out corner. And as long as I have good books to read, good smelling candles to burn and itchy ankles - I might as well make the most of it.

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  1. I have a garden tub also which was a main reason that I loved my house too, but I have honestly only used it a few times! Why when we become moms do we stop doing anything for ourselves? Why does it take a horrible oozing rash to get us into a garden tub with candle? Ha! You are inspiring me to do that too even without the rash. I used to soak in candle light tubs all the time. Thanks for the reminder! I think you should definitely make this a habit!


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