Monday, March 18, 2013

13 Must Do's for 2013

I have 13 things that I would like to accomplish by the end of 2013. I know, I know, it's kind of late in the year for "resolutions", but I am not sure that I am even considering them as such. More likely, it's a list of things that I have been wanting to do, saying that I would do, and not getting done.

Here are my 13 things. 
  1. Go to clogging class. Even if I only go to one, even if I stop mid-way through that one. This need to clog has only been needling me more and more over the last year, I am pretty sure that it is not gonna go away until I at least try it.
  2. Buy a flute and join the community marching band. I never marched in high school, although I was in the band and did play the flute. It looks like fun. 
  3. Train the chickens to lay in the same place instead of hiding nests for me to hunt every day. 
  4. Plant a spring (and maybe a fall) garden and actually make time to take care of it. 
  5. Sleep train the kid whenever she comes back home. Sleep train myself too. I have had a lot of "going-to-sleep-too-late-and-oversleeping-mornings" lately. That has to stop. 
  6. Clean, organize, and purge. This really should be my number 1 priority, especially right now with the kid out of town and my evenings free. 
  7. Keep it clean. And organized. Live a year in the shoes of a clean freak. I might like it. 
  8. Decide if my kid is really gonna be the kid with two bedrooms once and for all. Are we those parents? Is she really the kid that needs to have two rooms and a bathroom all to herself? Are we setting her up for disappointment when she gets her first apartment or dorm? Should we just go all out and get her her own microwave and mini-fridge? She is five - is she gonna take over the master bedroom at 8? Where does this end? 
  9. Make more things. Aprons, blankets for new (and not so new) babies, hats, dolls. Just create.
  10. Take some writing classes, work on my book, actually try to find my voice and perfect it. 
  11. Change my blog layout (again). Time for a new color and some new pictures. 
  12. Go to a salon. Just one time. Probably with a Groupon. Get my nails and my hair done. Attempt to feel like a girl. 
  13. Set aside some money (just a small amount) for me each month. To do something fun or buy more fabric, or take myself to a movie. Just one small thing - just for me. 
Those chickens will hide eggs anywhere. 

The chef hats and aprons are so easy to make and make me feel like I have actually accomplished something. 

Hold me accountable, dear readers, and make me take this time out for myself. We all know that I will easily ignore my desires and interests for just about anyone else's. The biggest thing I need to work on this year is making sure that I do not do that. 

Also, if you find any classes or meetings that you think I would be interested in attending (preferably free) let me know. 

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  1. I may be able to help you with number 2 - I think I have my old flute at my mom's house... probably needs a crazy cleaning... but I bet it would do the job.


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