Thursday, March 28, 2013

Raising A Nerdy Girl

When she was 2, the Supergirl believed that she was the human embodiment of the next Avatar. She claimed that she was adopted by us from the water tribe and that someday she would find her people again.

At 3, her attentions turned to witches and ghosts. She rarely went anywhere that she was not dressed in an elaborate costume. Not princesses, but ninjas, vikings, and witches.

By 4, she had become enamored with the idea of potions and magic.

She prefers to have her face painted like characters from the Thundercats and Spider-Man rather than like fairies.

She loves the Chronicles of Narnia, Star Wars, and Harry Potter movie series. Her conversations are peppered with facts of the X-men, zombies, and vampires.

It's finally occurred to me that I am raising a nerdy girl. Having grown up a bit of a sponge of useless information, I can't really fault her for her nerdy tendencies. I know where it comes from.

There are times that I wonder what it would be like to have one of those precious, dainty little girls that love bows and frilly things. Would we be as at odds as we are frequently are? Would she be more amenable to my suggestions of sitting up straight and wearing pants?

I don't know I would be able to parent one of those girls, having never been one myself though and I am not sure that they are nearly as much fun as my quirky funny, nerdy girl.

I am the perfect person to parent this girl, and she is the perfect girl for a nerdy girl like me.

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