Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Got Nothing...

It's not like I am not trying to come up with a blog topic for today. Seriously, I have been thinking on this post for the last 9 hours trying to give you something witty, something bright, something funny.

I got nothin'

Not a damn thing.

The kid is hilarious and cute.

My life is still somewhat torn apart. The Hubs and I are taking things on an hour by hour basis at the best. The full-time job has me questioning my self, my capabilities, my knowledge...

I need a new job.

I have poison ivy again. Nothing new, apparently I am doomed to get it every single time I get a few days off for the rest of my life. It's either that or stay inside and when Florida and Tiny Town, especially are this beautiful staying inside, for me, is not even an option.

This is right outside of my office...

There are sad things I could talk about.

There are bad things I could talk about. 

I am just not in the mood to go into all of that.

So instead, I have nothing. Nothing to give you on a random Tuesday that was my grandmother's birthday. Nothing to offer.

Except for pictures. I like pictures. I got a new phone. It takes really great pictures. 

It's should read, "No Mom Allowed". It was posted on her bedroom door.  She can't read yet. 

Sleepovers. Some kids sleep, others stay painfully awake. 

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