Thursday, April 4, 2013

Silly Sing Along

When I was little, I had different words to songs so that they would make sense to me. Material Girl to a kid living near the poverty level doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but Cheerio Girl? Heck, yeah. And so, I would dance around the kitchen with a box of Cheerios singing, "I'm a Cheerio gi-rl. A Cheerio-o!" And it made sense.

At least to me.

At any rate, the Supergirl has been listening to the radio a lot since we introduced her to karaoke. There are a few differences from what you may have heard, so I thought I would share.

  • Shoes Untied - Justin Timberlake  Sample lyric? "Baby, you got your shoes untied..."
  • Sweet Muffin - Calvin Harris Sample lyric? "I'm living on your sweet muffins..."
  • C'Mon - Ke$ha Sample lyric? "Feelin' like I'm a high schooler, sittin' on your cooler..."
  • Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia Sample lyric? "Don't you worry, don'y worry child, see Heather's got a plan for you..." (I took notice of this when the Supergirl asked me about my plans one day. Then she began to sing... oh dear. I have no plans, no plans for anyone except for my own child and those are rather haphazard at best.)
Don't worry, she still sings appropriate songs too. "The farmer takes his life, the farmer takes his life, hi-ho the dairy-o, the farmer takes his life..." 

Someday, she will learn the real words to songs and I will die a little inside. Until then, I'll just be over here trying not to laugh out loud.

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