Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Have A Blog? When Did That Happen?

I was walking around in the tragicomedy that has become my life, minding my own business when I suddenly remembered that, "Oh, hey, there's a place for all of these random thoughts and emotions and feelings.I think it's called a blog, you should check it out."

And then I forgot my password. And got locked out.

And then someone needed to help the Supergirl find a shoe.

And then Hubs needed someone to find his phone or his keys or maybe it was his shoe that was missing.

Because in the grand scheme of my life, all I am useful for is to find things that other people have lost or remember the things that their brain has purged.*

*(Quick note, I just, for the sixth time today chose the incorrect iteration of the word 'their' for that sentence. This twitch in the mundanity of Tuesday, being one of my all-time BIGGEST pet peeves, leads me to believe that I am having some kind of stroke and should most likely seek immediate medical attention.)

And then I started watching The West Wing on Netflix and then it was Tuesday and I was all, "Whoa, Tuesday, what the Hell? I was supposed to blog like 8 days ago." I checked but it didn't seem like Tuesday had done any of the blogging and now I am incredibly behind and if the 3 of you come back to actually read, you may find me sitting in the yard, rocking slowly, and trying not to wake up.

I am so sorry that I have forgotten about the 3 of you that actually read my blog and will try to do better in the future. I have quite an awesome post that I am brewing up for tomorrow so I am certain that none of you will be able to sleep tonight because you will instead be patiently awaiting my next piece of internet gold to be pulled from the nether regions of my soul.

You should probably sleep though.

People are dangerous when they don't sleep.

I have some experience with that - not sure if I mentioned it.

Here is the obligatory picture of the kid:

You are welcome.


  1. I love your blog although I have never commented before. You handle your circumstances with such a lovely combination of humor and dry reality. I doubt there are only three of us but I missed you.


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