Monday, August 27, 2012

20 Questions* With the Supergirl

Today is Supergirl's first day of preschool and the excitement has been palpable in our neck of the woods. While we kept a close eye on the bands of Isaac making their way to Tiny Town this weekend, I asked her a few questions just so that we can remember this kid at 4 and a half.

Favorite Color? Pink and purple
Favorite Shape? Heart
Favorite Song? Smooth Criminal (yes, the one by Michael Jackson)
Favorite TV Show? She-Ra (yes, the one from the 80's)
Favorite Movie? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (yes, the creepy new one, she prefers the Veruca Salt in that one. We actually own both and watch them at least once a week, Gene Wilder is the Hubs favorite!)
Favorite Word? Stop (it's the only one that she can read, besides her name)
Favorite Letter? Z
Favorite Number? 6 (because it reminds her of her friend from camp)
Favorite Animal? Zebra
Favorite Muppet? Miss Piggy
Favorite Holiday? Christmas
Favorite Vegetable? Mushrooms and Squash
Favorite Fruit? Cherries!
Favorite Food for Dinner? French Fries
Favorite Person? Momma!
Favorite Thing to Do? Play, play, play all day long
Favorite Thing to Do with Mom? Clean up (? WTF? When has that EVER happened? Was I on drugs? Why can't I remember this? How about all of the crafts we do, the picnics we've taken, the birthday parties? Cleaning? Really?)
Favorite Thing to Do with Dad? Go to Build-A-Bear (ha, ha sucker!)
Favorite Toy? My Build-A-Bear (of course)
Favorite City to Visit? Houston, TX
Favorite Candy? Caramel and chocolate
Favorite Dessert? Ice cream, cause it's really cold, very cold actually, and SO delish!

*There are more than 20 questions. I realize that. The post wouldn't sound so good if the title were "More than 20 questions with the Kid" - so I took a few liberties.

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