Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Boys & Girls

When Blade was only 4, he would dress Supergirl up in his old outfits and call her "Cocoa Puff" (he said that was her boy name which made me laugh, and the Scare Bear cringe at the innocent racist-ness of if it, I just thought it was funny that he believed that Cocoa Puff was a boy name).

But children grow and take notice of things (and watch far too much Disney channel programming) and the next thing you know?

Your four-year-old daughter is strutting her way out of the bedroom wearing your heels, a plaid school girl skirt and a top tied tight around her chest like a midget Britney Spears dancer, while the boy stands back, grinning from year to year at the outfit that he helped design. "I'm a teenager," she announces while she sashays herself across the room.

What happened to dressing up as princesses and cowboys? Fairies and policemen?

Where did my baby go?

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