Thursday, August 30, 2012

And This Is Why I Can't Make Plans...

Next July, I want to go to BlogHer '13. It's a goal I am making for myself. An expensive goal (which I never, ever do).

It's being held here:

Photo courtesy of
Which is big and scary and all kinds of emotional for me, but also exciting that I am making this a goal and making plans to actually do this for myself, for my blog.

When I go, I want to meet this person and I hope that she is as serious about meeting me there as I am about going. It's not as big of a trip for her to get there. At least I don't think so. It's all in the middle and that gets very jumbly for a East coast, country girl like me. I have been to Texas, which I suppose is in the middle, but it's on the edge so I am not sure if it counts.


I would also really like another one of these in the near future, since Scare Bear informed me that my eggs are all dusty and wrinkly.

I need to figure out how to time that so that I can still go to BlogHer though - because I will be damned if I am not going.

In fact, let's just all be prepared that before boarding the plane back to Tiny Town, I will be popping out a kid that I will then name Cubby (because it will still be baseball season when I am up there ya'll!).

I don't want to go all fat and too big to really enjoy myself though - this trip is supposed to be about me for a change!

And, if I have a kid before I go, then I have to find a wet nurse because I seem to have the only kid that will not accept a bottle, or a binky, or any one other than myself. (We seriously thought that the Supergirl was starving herself for the week that I was in the hospital on IV antibiotics after I had her. She would not eat, she just plain out refused until I was able to nurse again. I am amazed that she is still alive.)

So, maybe I let the eggs get a bit more dusty, just for a little while. (Little raisin eggs...)

Besides, I was thinking I could look a bit more like this:

And whole lot less like this:

20 years can be hard on a girl.
But eating healthy can be expensive, really expensive. It's not often that I get coupons for veggies and lean cut meats...


Do other people do this? Do other people have all of the what ifs and could haves until they are defeated and don't want to even try?

This is why I can't ever make any plans, because I talk myself out of everything. I start focusing on the what ifs and the could haves and the next thing you know, I am too late.

Can she REALLY take care of the Hubs for a week?
Screw that, Universe.

I am gonna get to BlogHer.

I just might be kinda squishy. I might not be knocked up (because I am so old). I can promise you that I will be on a budget.

But I'm gonna get there.

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