Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Hubs' Theory on Pests

It has been raining a lot here in Tiny Town. After 4 years of drought we are finally back in the "normal zone". Everything is green and damp and HUMID (I had forgotten about humidity until I walked outside in my glasses and was immediately blinded by my lenses fogging up).

Due to the rain, the ants have decided to move to higher ground, namely my bedroom and the porch that is attached to my bedroom.

Me: Do you think Noah ever had regrets?

Hubs: What?

Me: Well, the mosquitoes...

Hubs: Were created by Satan, they have nothing to do with God or Noah.

Me: (Sigh) What I was going to say is I understand how they could survive. They can fly and they hatch in water. Their eggs lay dormant for 10 years. I get the mosquitoes. 

Hubs: So, why would Noah have regrets?

Me: Ants. Ants everywhere. All over the boat, in the food, in the bed. Everywhere. It could be a catastrophe.

Hubs: Not all ants bite. The ones that do bite were genetically modified by Satan.

Me: So, every animal that could potentially bite you or harm you?

Hubs: Satan.

Me: I think I need to read the Bible a little more. 

Hubs: Why?

Me: I missed something...

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