Thursday, October 25, 2012

4 Outgrosses 3

Long ago, when Supergirl was merely a 3-year-old, I lamented that the Days of Poop were upon us. We spent large quantities of our waking hours discussing poop and where it should go. It directly affected the blog several times as well as my Facebook profile and Twitter feed.

I should have realized that, while I was praying for the Days of Poop to end, that there would be days that I would long for those innocent days of yore.

Ah, the innocent days of 3.
We have moved on to other, grosser activities in the last year, and, quite comically, the boogers and snot are the things that we are discussing more and more often. You would think that poop far outgrosses the snot and boogers, but that is where you are wrong. So very, very wrong.

I have proof:

"Supergirl, is there gold up there?"
"Whatcha diggin' in your nose for?"
Shrugs, continues to dig. I grab her and say, "Come here let me suck it out". 
She squeals and replies, "No momma, it tastes too good to waste it on you."

“What are you doing?”
            “I needed to blow my nose.”
            “On the blanket you use for nap at school?”
She nods, rolls the whole blanket back up and stuffs it back in her backpack. Since we were in the car driving to school when this happened, guess who got the crusty blanket for nap today.

On a visit to my part-time job, my co-worker announces that he enjoys the crunchy ones as Supergirl digs happily in her nose. She gives him a disgusted glare and continues her dig. Then he says,
            “Do you like the crunchy ones or the juicy ones”
Her face of disgust is going full force as her mouth tells the truth. “Both,” she squeaks, defeated.

And, finally…
            “Supergirl, whatcha doin’?”
            “Getting a snack.”
            “Out of your nose?”
“Maybe that should be your pose for picture day, just so everyone can see how you live your life.”
            “Whatever, mom, everybody does it. “

Time to go disinfect everything, again. 

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