Thursday, October 11, 2012

Please, Just Slow Down

Everything is just travelling too fast these days. Valentine's Day cards are on display on midnight Christmas night - if not before. I have barely had my birthday and yet Halloween parties are scheduled for this weekend - a costume for which has been designed and fabric bought, but not a single cut of a pattern has yet to happen.

Today, I was looking around the internets (my goodness Al Gore, whatever did we do to fill up the workday before you invented the internet? I can barely remember those days of smoke filled offices, phones ringing off the hook, and mail that required typing on typewriters with carbon paper for duplication and stamps so that it could be delivered) when I discovered this on the K-Mart website*.

Retailers, I know that times are hard out there. I see it first hand while peddling auto parts out at Tiny Town Auto Parts, but believe me, no one is even thinking about March 31, 2013 in October of 2012. I don't know, maybe they are waiting to find out if the world will end in December as the Mayans predicted, maybe they are trying to see what is going to happen after Halloween is over, maybe they are just trying to make it to 2013 before investing in shoes and dresses for children that grow out of clothes faster than the Yankees can blow a series bid (seriously, guys, could you pull it together for once? Your making me kind of nervous over here).

* Since the one and only K-Mart in Tiny Town closed back in June, I have been hard pressed to actually find any reason to shop their on-line wares, but seeing as how they were one of the few companies to send me a gift card in honor of my birthday, I thought I would give them a shot.

Maybe if we could all just slow down a bit, our children wouldn't be in such a rush to move out (not that I am not counting down to high school graduation myself, but I would like to hang out with her just a little while longer - she's kind of cool sometimes).

Here's some video proof:

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