Friday, July 15, 2011

Facebook Friday - What's In Your Bag?

Yesterday, I posted on Facebook the following question:

Question of the Day for Moms: When leaving the house for a day of errands, do you back a bag for your child? What's in your bag?

I received several responses and several varied depending on the age of the child or children. 
  • Ivy (mom to 2 kids ages 2 &1): "Always! Even if we're just running up to the corner to get milk; you never know, you could get stuck in a traffic jam and be there for hours (had that happen once)...I always pack full sippy cups with ice water, at least 6 diapers, a pack of wipes, a change of clothes for each kid, and a snack for each..not to mention the normal diaper cream, antibiotic cream, a few band-aids, some extra bottled water, and hand sanitizer. I'm a worry-wart, though! :-)"
  • Jessica (mom of 1, age 2): "I usually do. I like to be prepared. I bring water and crackers at the least. What if the car breaks down or something in the heat? I try to bring the basics in case I get in a bind. I usually bring to much, but my mom always warned me about being prepared for the worst so I guess that lesson stuck."
  • Tiffany (mom of 1, age 4):  "nope...sure don't. I don't pack a bag, I may bring one cup of water but that's it..."
  • Kim (mom of 3, ages 11, 5 & 3):  "Not anymore, thank the Lord!"
  • Valerie (mom of 3, ages 6, 3 &2): "Depends on which child comes with me, but always try to bring water, at a minimum."
  • Kirsten (mom of 2, ages 8 &3 (I think)): "Water and the ever-trusty bag of goldfish crackers"
  • Jaime (mom of 1, age 2): "A drink, snack, a change of clothes (just in case) and her "blankie/dolly." :)"
  • Laura (mom of 2, ages 21 & 16 - daytime mom of 1, age 2): "Yes, but it's easier to just keep a small bag in the car with baggies of snacks, that way you only have to grab a cup of water and you're out the door. Refill the baggies when they're empty. And maybe some crayons, coloring book and a notebook and pencil to keep her busy while your driving around town"
  • Stephanie (mom of 2, ages 5 &3): "Depends..Mostly just water/juice for both kids and for S still a change of clothes (but they typically just stay in a bag in the bag of the car."
  • Wendy (mom of 2, ages 8 &5): "I never left the house without a change of clothes, snacks, drinks and a towel."

Child entertainment at their fingertips.
I have never really liked carrying a bag. I have never really carried a purse. Her diaper bag was such a nuisance to me, often she would outgrow her change of clothes before she ever really ending up needing it. Mostly, we only kept diapers in there as I was her bottle. Additionally, car rides are like a sleeping pill to my child so she never really needed to be quieted or entertained as a baby. As soon as she was potty trained, we ditched the bag.

However, I also understand the need to keep a child quiet in waiting rooms, if not as much for my sanity as for others. So we bring the "Bag of Entertainment" - usually 2 or 3 books, blank paper, flashcards, crayons (not pictured the 2 small toys that she can bring with her: Polly Pockets, mini princesses, or Strawberry Shortcake and pals). I buy her smaller colorful purses and she carries them around. Less for me to have to deal with.

I don't plan for the worse, she knows that if she spills something on her clothes she is stuck. We don't have potty accidents, so that is not a concern for me. There are no band-aids, no creams, no medicine, no snacks or water. (My Mother of the Year application is still pending.)

But she will be contained and quiet in public and that is important to me.

What's in your bag?

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