Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wondering Wednesday

JoDene has chickens. She wants them to lay eggs.

I wonder about the laying eggs part. It is molded much like the shape of a babies head when the baby is first born.

Do chickens have labor every morning? Do they remember that they did it yesterday? 

No matter how many chickens you have, you have to have at least one rooster or the chickens won't lay eggs. I think that the rooster fertilizes the eggs after they come out, the Hubs thinks this is impossible.

Wikipedia does not seem to have the answer to my chicken sex questions.

I am thinking that life as a chicken might not be as carefree as they make it seem.

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  1. I wonder these things tooooo! My sister won't eat eggs bc she feels like she's eating an abortion. But I don't get how the eggs can actually be fertilized. I mean if there are like 5 hens and 1 rooster and each hen lays at least like 3 can they all be fertilized? i wouldn't know whether to feel bad or happy for the rooster. and I've heard of domestic birds laying eggs with no male partner. my aunts bird actually died bc an egg got stuck. so funny you posted this bc I've been meaning to look it up!

  2. Here is an interesting fact Most eggs are not fertilized but you need a rooster for the hens to produce.

    Chicken eggs are fertilized in the same way as human eggs are.

    This is a subject I know well since we had 200 chickens.

  3. Great. I read Alex's comment. And now I won't ever be able to order an sunny side up abortion with two pieces of toast again.


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