Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

I love~~
  • when Z wraps her arms around my legs and pronounces me "The Best Momma in the Whole Wide World".
  • worship on Sunday mornings - especially when I am in a funk and God surprises me with his presence. (I personally believe that the most staunch non-believer cannot leave a good worship service without knowing His presence)
  • the Hubs (I really think he is digging this whole financial leader, hard-worker role that he has been thrust into - surprising, yes, but amazing and awesome all rolled into one)
  • being in the position, even though unemployed, to be able to give to people in need
  • Z's zest for learning anything that I put in front of her (she reminds me of me in that way)
  • finding a picture of myself from Kindergarten and having Z ask me if it was her
  • ZUMBA!
  • the Scare Bear and JoDene for putting up with my crazy ideas, plans (like cake decorating classes and my new career in Rally Car Racing) and random phone calls throughout the day
  • the idea that I could be a Rally Car driver if I wanted to, I even made a plan to be able to do it
  • my awesome readers that comment and e-mail and let me know when I have gotten completely off track
  • my almost finished new closet that I cannot wait to share with my readers
  • my pouf
  • that even with the attitude that has been spewing out of my child as of late, there are still moments of the day that she wants to cuddle with me and play with me
  • that even though Blade pretends to be so big and so tough, he still asks me to crochet him blankets and sew him pillows
****Side note: I do not love the Department of Children & Families who sent me an e-mail on 7/6, that I received at 4 PM on 7/7 informing me that I need to call their office by 7/8 at 4PM. I have now called 48 times since receiving the letter. The message that I get is "No one is available to answer your call at this time." Then it hangs up. 48 F***ing times. Guess where I will be at 8:30 in the morning with my kid? (Also, what kind of planning comes up with the idea to put their office directly next door to the GD Chuck E Cheese? I guess we also know where I will be having my lunch tomorrow. F.)

Finally, I love the blanket that Z asked me to crochet her. I let her choose all of the colors and I am proud of her ability to coordinate.

You can't tell in the photo but the pink, purple and green have sparkly threads that run through it. In her words, "My favorite colors are pink, purple and sparkly." Such a girl.
Thanks to Lindsay for giving me the idea. Check out her blog. It's pretty awesome (and teaches me new words.)

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  1. Too cute that one of her favorite colors are "Sparkly" lol it's a very pretty blanket too by the way! I really enjoyed reading your list of things that you love, inspires me to create a list of things I love as well.

    Hope all goes well with your visit to Department of Children & Families!


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