Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Night People vs Morning People

Two peas in a pod.
I am a morning person. I love waking up to the sounds of the birds chirping outside of my window, the first rays of light dancing along my pillows edge. I wake up in a good mood (unless I was hit in the middle of the night, that makes me not so happy).

The people that I live with (the mini-tyrant and the Hubs) avoid the morning like the plague. They wake up when their body is ready and function as minimally as possible until noon or so. (Maybe they are vampires!)

This makes my life difficult. I need to be able to clean, run errands, do things and yet, they are grumpy, grumbling and mean if I wake them up before their allotted times.

I also need to be able to sleep myself. In my world, I should be able to go to bed around 10 PM so that I can operate at optimum performance. Unfortunately, the mini-tyrant will not allow me to go to bed until sometime after 11 (unless I take her to bed with me which we are trying to break the habit of - again) and the Hubs usually doesn't even think of sleep until sometime around midnight - or later (he also works a lot of evenings so there is no chance that he would watch her while I tried to sneak off to bed).

I know that in a few years we will need to send the tyrant off to school. (I feel for those kids, I really do.)

Perhaps by then they will begin afternoon and evening classes for the night people - without it, I am afraid that the carnage will mount quickly.

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  1. Hi Found you through Picket Fence Blogs. This post makes me laugh because the post that I just wrote to be published today on my blog is how I am sooo not a morning person. I totally described my feelings about going to school and being a tyrant :) Very Cute! Happy new follower.

  2. as you can see I just posted at 1:09 A.M. :)


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