Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things I Never Thought I Would Say

Maybe it is the holiday, or the fun of the past weekend (what with the Hubs birthday and Independence Day all rolled into one), but I have had a bad week this week. Bad, as in, I am grateful that I have not quit the job of being Stay at Home Mom because I have been tempted to just walk up out of this bitch and not even look back.

When everything went down the way that it did and I became a stay at home mom, I thought it would be fun to be able to spend my days taking care of my child and our household. This is not fun. I feel like I spend a large part of everyday trying to find some corner of our home to hide, just for a few minutes for some alone time.

She is on me constantly. She expects me to entertain her from the time she gets out of bed to the time that I run screaming from her bedside in the evening. We have never been so attached (and out of control).

I have said a lot of things I never thought I would say in the last few days.

"We don't kick our friends in the face." (Important lesson there kiddies)

"I am NEVER taking you to church again." (Suddenly, now that we are together ALL OF THE TIME - she refuses to go anywhere without me)

"Get in your room, don't come out, I cannot look at your face right now." (And not just because she had colored her face with permanent marker)

"Your panties are not supposed to be a hat - if you cannot put them on your bottom, you will not have dinner" (We have a rule that everyone must wear panties at dinnertime, strangely this was her way of testing that theory.)

"I will shave your head if you do not stop" (in reaction to the overly dramatic squirming and screaming that hairbrushing caused)

"GET OFF OF ME" (it is 100 degrees on a daily basis around here people, in addition to that the humidity is at a barely breathable 97% - she seems to expect me to wear her like a friggin' mink coat)

"I need a day off" - I honestly thought that this job would be so much easier than the ones that I have left behind - why am I so much more exhausted?

"No one has died today"  (in response to the cashier at the grocery store that asked how my day is going)

I really hope that we are going to be able to get this worked out because something has to change or I am gonna need a raise (or a new boss).

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  1. *hugs* to you. Hope you can find some time for yourself. I can totally relate. Sometimes, I have to hide in another room just to be able to eat a meal in peace. I bet we'll be looking back laughing at days gone by and missing them when the kids are older. They grow up so fast! Cherish every moment and don't forget to cherish yourself.

  2. I hear ya! First, quiet time at my house involves mom faking a trip to the "potty" to read, blog, surf or whatever. Second, at least you didn't say what a heard mom saying to her child over the weekend, and I quote, "Come away from that wood it has nails in and I've already fished something out of your body once today!" What? Yuck and yikes!

    Deep breath, hang in there and just know that you aren't alone!

  3. There are days I want to run away and cry! Being a SAHM is exhausting mentally and physically!

    Just found your blog on MBC. following now.

    -Alex @

  4. I feel ya! Welcome to my world. Hang in there kid.;)

  5. Oh and I forgot to mention that during my "alone time" yesterday Arianna ended up literally covered in poop! All over her hands and body and the chair!!! WTH??? She was supposed to be watching a TV show while I was in the next room! lol


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