Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Little Bit Of Knowledge Can Be Dangerous

The Supergirl is smart. Crazy smart. The problem is that she tries to use her tiny bit of knowledge to make bigger points.

Example A: We are at the grocery store. They are having a sale on, umm... girl products. Not little girl products, but products that momma needs every, oh, 28 days or so. I am looking over what is left in the sale area since the extreme couponers have ravaged the very small selection, when the Supergirl begins shouting.

"NO. NO, NO, NO. I see what you are doing here. It is not going to work. You cannot have a baby. Don't even think about it."

I am puzzled to say the least, as well as embarassed that my kid is screaming at me in the middle of the feminine product aisle.

"What are you talking about?"

She picks up a box of pregnancy tests that are sitting on the shelf next to where I am standing. "I have seen this on TV, I know what it is for. You are not buying that, you have a kid, you do not need to get that. Uh, uh. No ma'am. Not gonna happen.

"Tell me, what is it for?"

"You buy this when you are ready to have a baby. Then God will ship the baby to you. You shouldn't buy one unless you are ready and you can't buy one unless you are married."

>Example B: The Supergirl goes to camp with a more diverse group of kids than she is ever encountered before. A lot of the time, the color of skin and race come into question. 

She has decided that she must be Indian. American Indian, though, because she doesn't wear very much jewelry. 

I told her that she is a beautiful combination of me and the Hubs. 

She would rather be an Indian. 

Example C: The kids at camp also talk a lot about the devil which I think is strange because I don't remember having discussions of theology and philosophy as a child. Also, this is a city camp not a church camp so I am really not sure what is going on out there. 

On the way home from camp, she informs me, "I have never seen the devil." (She says debil, by the way, which is so friggin' adorable that I could just eat her up!)

"Oh, yeah? That's good."

"I would remember a red man dressed in a red suit. Especially if he had a tail."


"Do you think he paints himself red everyday? What if he painted himself pink or brown? Then no one would even know it was him. I think if he was truly evil he would have thought of that himself. Maybe I am more evil than the devil, because it sure seems like I am smarter than him."

And then she fell asleep. Because that's what she does in the car.

Just like her dad.

And Grandma.

And G-Daddy.

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