Monday, July 16, 2012

Not a Normal Monday

My headphones are on and Pandora is playing some greatness and I am trying to find a good rhythm.

But it's not a normal Monday.

My door is closed because I have a lot to do, just like every other Monday morning.

I have voicemails and e-mails that demand to be answered. I have a hotel to call as well as a car rental company as it seems as though there were problems over the weekend with the reservations I made months ago. 

I am starving because of the lack of readily available snacks, just like I do every other Monday.

But it's not a normal Monday.

It's not a normal Monday, because there is a child on the floor of my office. A child staring at my laptop screen, the sounds of Berenstain Bears and My Little Ponies assaulting my space, muddling my brain. An alarm on my computer stops me every hour or so, to do a temperature check, to make sure she is drinking her Gatorade, to get her a snack, or take her to the restroom.

I have printed coloring pages and have handed over my (eek!) Sharpies.

On this Monday, I will have to take a lunch outside of the building instead of eating at my desk. On this Monday, I will probably not get as much accomplished as normal.

But my kid?

She's probably gonna remember this day as a great one, even though I am stressed, and tired, and irritated.

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