Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Anti-Hero

Z identifies with villains rather than princesses in movies. She adores Cruella DeVille and Ursula the Sea Witch. The meaner, the scarier, the better.

I ask her why she wants to be Cruella or Ursula or Mother Gothel. Her response?

"I am cute and pretty all the time. Everyone tells me so. I want to be smart."

I am proud of her response and it does give me hope for her future, however, I question the smartness of a woman who wants to murder puppies to make a coat, or a sea creature that steals the souls of mermaids with dreams. Mother Gothel may have been pretty smart there for awhile, but was really pretty creepy, a little domineering and co-dependent with an addictive personality. Not to mention that she emotionally abused Rapunzel several times during the movie.

To add to this fascination with the evil doers of Disney World, she has taken a sudden interest in concocting "potions" in her closet. And hiding them.

It does my heart no amount of good to find a cup filled with Kool-Aid, lotion and hair conditioner in her play stove. Or to find a container filled with an unknown fluid hidden behind her dress up trunk.

That's why, when the Hubs came home from work tonight, he installed a deadbolt at the top of her closet door.

Someone's evil plans have just been thwarted.

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  1. I remember when my oldest (now 16) was in 2nd Grade and told her teacher she wanted to be a Fortune Teller when she grew up. She liked the flowy dresses and all their jewelry.


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