Monday, August 22, 2011

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

In the spirit of children returning back to school, my current position in life having started right around the time that they got out of school for summer vacation, I have decided that I have merely been on a summer vacation. Add to that the very real possibility of my returning to work soon (I have a second interview in the morning), I thought it would be fun to review the things that I did this summer.

In addition to the things that I talked about on the blog, I did other things. I hosted a cook out for the Hubs birthday (complete with a clean house!). I did a lot of laundry and dishes and I wiped so much ass that I should change my name to toilet paper.

We began a remodel of our bedroom closet, I mowed the acre and a half that we live on, I got the oil changed in both cars. I made sure that all of the bills were paid and that we had groceries in the house. I donated clothes and other items that we no longer needed to people that did need them.

I adopted a cat that decided he didn't want us after all. And a fish that was supposed to live in a 3 year old's bedroom but now lives as far back on the kitchen counter as I can get her. Her name is Goldy. We are pretty smart around here.

I taught Sunday school and attended church every weekend.

Most importantly, I have cleaned and re-cleaned the same areas over and over. I have said the same phrases ad nauseum. I have watched countless hours of Sesame Street and the Backyardigans. And I have not killed anyone.

That's a pretty successful summer.

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  1. Such a beautiful post. It sounds like an amazing summer :0) I hope the interview went perfectly.


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