Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do Your Job

I was laid off from my job 65 days ago. In that time, I have applied to at least 100 positions. I have had one phone call for an interview.

I know that the job market is swamped with individuals looking for work and there are people out there with really expensive pieces of paper and more extensive resumes than my own looking for work.

That is why, when given bad service or attitude from a service "professional" I get really steamed. These individuals seem to have lost track of how lucky they have it in today's economy and who it is that is really paying their bills. In the last few weeks, I have asked for a member of management or a supervisor several times in response to service that I used to just accept.

I know that more than likely you are now doing the job of several people that have quit or been laid off due to corporate downsizing and hiring freezes. I know that you have to deal with people that are a lot more hostile than the world used to be, but to start the conversation off wrong with a negative attitude and an arrogant "I am doing YOU the favor" air should not only be reported but fireable offenses.

You are lucky that you know how your bills will be paid, that your kids will have food on the table, that your family will continue to have a roof over their heads.

If you can't do it right, just quit and give those of us that need a job a chance.

All I am asking is that you do your job and be grateful that you don't have to deal with things on my end of the line.

The end.


  1. These are crazy tough times. Finding a teaching job that actually pays enough money to allow me to put my child in school is close to impossible with all the lay offs. This is scary sometimes.:(

  2. AMEN to your post and to groundedangels comment. I have been trying to find an adjunt teaching job part-time for two years and so many are on a hire freeze and I meet so many snotty teachers it just makes me angry. They don't deserve those positions with that attitude! I wish you luck

    I don't want to sound "spammy" but I have been doing some working form home and starting to make a little money. I am doing beachbody coaching. It is simply getting healthy and sharing with others and hoping to gain a team behind me and making some commissions along the way. If you are ever interested in checking it out let me know. My website is and I talk about it there.

    Either way, good luck and I hope you and something soon!


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