Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Circle of Life

Listening to Blade (6) and Z (3) is like listening to a couple of stoners sitting around talking about life. The revelations that they make are very similar to the ones that I have heard in my past. This is the conversation that I heard this evening just before bed.

Blade: "Your fish will pass away one day, all fish die eventually."
Z: "We all will die one day and we will become grass and the antelopes will eat us and we will all be reconnected to the circle of life." 

Okay, so I know that this one came almost directly from The Lion King, there's not really a mystery around it. Later, I heard this conversation which made me choke on my soda.

Blade: "You know, you're mom is not as smart as they want us to think. There is a lot of stuff that they don't know that they just pretend. I think all moms do it." (I honestly thought we had a few more years before we had to admit our own stupidity.)
Z: "Yeah, I figured that out, but I am pretty sure they are keeping secrets about other stuff too."
Blade: "Like what?"
Z: "Well, when my momma says she is reading a book, she doesn't read it out loud. I think she might not know how to read."
Blade: "You could be right. She always makes me read the books I bring over - maybe she just makes up the stories from the pictures."

There you have it, folks. I can type, I can spell, but apparently I cannot read.

I bet the BlogHer people are gonna be super disappointed with the book review that I am supposed to write next week.


  1. I just stumbled upon you from Bloggy Moms. HIlarious! I am following now!

  2. HA! Love it! Good thing you can still blog even though you can't read!

    Margaret (@goodbadfamily)


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