Sunday, February 5, 2012

Not Sure What That Was, But I Really Wish I Missed It

On Thursday, although I was feeling okay physically, I had a massively intense headache for the last few hours of the day. By the time I loaded myself into my car to head home, the front part of my head was throbbing and I was certain that it was intent on separating itself from the rest of my body.

I also had the hiccups.

It was a hard day.

Every movement, every breath intensified the headache and each audible hiccup felt like a searing hot poker being jabbed into my temple.

I drank some water, slowly, and the hiccups went away. I was left with just the headache, but I was okay.

I made it through 4 intersections. I got to the only major intersection in my commute and was stopped at a red light. Suddenly, everything was very hot. I was pouring buckets of sweat. I rolled all of the windows down in an effort to cool off.

I tried to swallow, but it was as if the muscles in my throat were tightening against me. Everything started to swim and my mouth began that terrible mouth sweat thing that happens right before you get really sick.

I had options here. I could have just leaned out of the open window and let it all go. I could have opened the car door and leaned down towards the asphalt. I could have unbuckled and stood in the median.

I guess my worry was that this was all just a false alarm and that I would somehow look like an idiot that was holding up the traffic in the turn lane.

Instead, I sat at the light and prayed for it to change. If I could just get to that parking lot, or off onto the side of the road, I would be okay.

BAM! something like a punch to the gut, severe pain ricocheting through my body. There is no stopping what is about to happen and no time to react. I blow my cheeks out in a vain attempt to try to catch the inevitable. When that fails, I throw my hand up in front of my mouth.


I drive home, the rest of my 30 minute commute covered in the same vomit that is on my windshield, dashboard, car door, floorboard, seat and console.

Here is the lesson for the day.

Never throw your hands into something like that. It will not turn out well.

In fact, throw caution to the wind, get out of your car (or at the very least lean out of the window), who cares if the anonymous stranger behind you thinks that you are a lunatic? You are saving yourself a lot of heartache in case this does turn out to be the real deal.

I am thankful that no one else in my family got sick, for a husband that had a shower running when I got home, that cleaned out my car while I was in the shower and that also let me sleep for almost 24 straight hours. It's not often that a momma gets to truly take a time out like that.

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