Monday, February 13, 2012

When You Don't See Me

There have been a myriad of complaints lately, that while people see my husband and my child, they haven't seen much of me, really since Christmas. My only response to this has always been that I am grounded. Today, I am going a bit more in depth with that. 

When you don't see me, I might be at work, helping to make our state a better place.

When you don't see me, I might be cleaning out my growing girl's closet to give outgrown clothes to the next child that can use them.

When you don't see me, I might be cleaning our home (because it is nearly impossible to clean when followed by a four year old tornado that is dressed like a little girl).

When you don't see me, it might be because I am at church, working with kids, singing in the choir, or planning events for my community group.

When you don't see me, it may be because I am reaching the end of a novel that I have been trying to finish and have been unable to because someone has a) hidden the book, b) taken the book to read themselves, c) colored the pages with dark purple marker so that I could not see the words, d) taken the book back to the library two days early because they thought I was done, e) torn the cover off so I have walked by the book 8,567 times but did not recognize it because it was so damaged, f) people conveniently place themselves in the exact position to make me feel most uncomfortable when all I am trying to do is curl up and finish the GD book so that I can spend more time with them without wishing I was reading the F-ing thing and then, they make me feel guilty because they "just want to spend time with you".

When you don't see me, I might be up to my eyeballs in the laundry that has consumed my entire brain for the whole week and I am so excited that I can finally have the time to do some of it because it is the weekend.

When you don't see me, I could be at the grocery store picking up that one forgotten thing. Every single day.

When you don't see me, it could be because I have been up since 4 creating things for the child (doll clothes) or the Hubs (Pajamas) because the child does not understand that there is nothing she can do to "help" when I am dealing with pins, needles, scissors, and sewing machines. Instead, I do it in the morning, while the whole wide world is fast asleep (name that song).

When you don't see me, I might be taking a nap. Especially if it is Sunday. That is the one day of the week that my child will nap at a decent hour (not 6 PM) and she and I will come home, eat lunch, lay down and rest.

So, while my relationship with you is important and I love to enjoy the company of others, I really like my family, my home, my books, my crafts, and my God a whole lot.

I am working on that adding more hours to the day thing, but it might be awhile.

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