Friday, January 27, 2012

Quick, Dorothy, Get In The Fort!

Last night, Z and I were hanging out watching the Big Bang Theory ('cause how awesome is that show?) when suddenly our regularly scheduled programming was interrupted by the National Weather Service. After the monotone-voiced man explained that a tornado was in our area and that at the current moment was less than a mile south of our home traveling towards us, I turned of the TV and instructed Z to get every pillow she could find out of her room.

I gathered bottles of water, books, my cell phone, blankets, the pillows from our bed, and the laptop. We then built a very comfy fort inside of the only room in the house with interior walls - my closet.

We waited in there for about 15 minutes when the sound of the wind died down, the rain stopped to a drizzle, and the cell phone and laptop confirmed that the emergency had passed.

But Z did not want to leave our fort. She liked it in there. It was cozy.

She fell asleep in there. At her normal bedtime. Without argument or crying, without screaming or conniving. She just lay down on the mountain of pillows, closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Is it wrong that I now want to build her a pallet in my closet and let her sleep in there every night? What ramifications could this have on her psyche? When she is finally old enough to go to bed without all of the normal angst that we have been experiencing as of late, will we be able to say that she is finally coming out of the closet? 

I know that she needs sleep. I know because I need it too.

Could the closet be my answer? Could I have been missing all of those nights of glorious, relaxing rest because I was blind to something as obvious as sleeping on the floor of a closet?

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