Thursday, January 12, 2012

Unexpected Crazy in the Longest Month Ever

Does anyone else feel like this month is almost over? 


Okay, well, like the cheese, I will stand alone with being surprised every time I look at the calendar and realize that it is really only the 12th day of the longest month of my life. There is definitely something wrong with this month, or me, or both...

At any rate, during this insane week of the longest month ever, I have lost water for a day (thank you, Land Baron, sir, for fixing that problem as quickly as possible, it is very much appreciated), lost power overnight during a freak thunderstorm that tore down a few branches on our road, and had my e-mail account hacked.

The Hubs called and alerted me to the issue almost as soon as it happened, I changed my password and all was right in the world once again. It's the e-mail address that I direct most spammers to anyway, not what I consider my real e-mail address anymore, and it is also where my in-laws send me all of those great e-mails about not using plastic, sleeping with onion and garlic all around you, not drinking Pepsi products or watching NBC because they don't believe in God and making sure that you wash all of your intimates in HOT before wearing them because you can get parasites and die. (Um, one, I am certain that I already have parasites remember? And two, why wouldn't you wash underwear before you put it on ANYWAY? People eat while they shop. They also like to touch things while they shop = nasty bacteria from mouths to fingers to panties to open air sources under bright lights....bad, bad, BAD!)

I had almost completely forgotten about being hacked until about 4:36 PM when the G-Daddy called me.

"Um, Heather? Uhhhh, I can't seem to open this link that you sent me in the e-mail earlier..."

(WTF? I didn't send him an e-mail. What the Hell has he been drinking today? Oh, shiiizzzzzzzllleeee...)

"I was hacked this morning. Sorry, please don't open that e-mail. I didn't realize that you were one of the ones that got e-mailed. I am sorry." 

Meanwhile, texting the Hubs as quickly as I can to run damage control with his mother. I know if the G-Daddy got it was only a matter of time...

Office phone rings, the caller ID is the Brown Grandma. Too little, too late.

Dear Al Gore, 

Is this what you had intended when you invented the Internets? I am sure that the our future generations will be thanking you for the laugh...


The Back Tracking Momma

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