Thursday, January 5, 2012


I am a stalker.

Not a real life stalker, I don't travel crazy distances wearing diapers to spy on people - not even the Hubs (although, there was a time there between 18-20 that I may have sat outside of people's jobs, but that was a long time ago and I am not that girl anymore).

I am a cyber stalker.

I peruse the Facebook pages of acquaintances (and sometimes their friends). I giggle over silly pictures of their children or cats. I read their status updates and comments to others.

I do the same on Twitter (when I am even on Twitter, which is rare because I just don't think that I am important enough to post 140 characters randomly through the day about what I am doing or fixin' to do or what I am thinking. I understand that it is a useful marketing tool for celebrities, but I am not a celebrity so it is not really a vital element to my day. And can't I just put it as my Facebook status? Who really reads the tweets anyway? Besides me, that is.)

My most effective stalking comes in the way of reading blogs. Blogs that I feel are so much better than my own,  humorous blogs that literally make me laugh out loud in my lonely little office, blogs about real life tragedies that rip my heart out as I read them, blogs about everyday life as a working or stay-at-home mom.

Even though these women do not know me (and maybe, rarely hear from me) they are part of my daily routine. They help me get back on the horse again day after day. They inspire me to try new things. They make me laugh when I am ready to cry or hold the good moments a little closer because you just don't how long they are going to last.

I consider these women my friends, even though we have never met in real life and they enjoy wine far more than I ever will. Maybe that is sad, but it's not like I don't have the Scare Bear, the Fairy Queen, and JoDene - they are real people that know me in the real world and know that I am not nearly as crazy as this post is making me seem.

I know how much I love comments, so it is perplexing that I do not give out more comments to the blogs I enjoy the most. I think, partly, it is that I do not want to reveal myself as the stalker that I undoubtedly am.

Just know this, blogging women that I have not freaked out thus far, if something that you say impacts me in anyway - I am posting it to my Facebook and my Twitter (even though I am pretty sure I am not using it correctly). Hopefully, it will help you reach even more readers and they will probably comment on your post. And, on the days that you don't post, I will be there reading your past comments and thinking - "Hey, I know that girl that posted on her site... I should look up her Facebook page and see what she has been up to..."

Because, after all, I am a stalker.

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