Tuesday, January 17, 2012

With God, I Can Be A Mermaid

Z has learned her very first Bible verse. "With God, all things are possible" - Matthew 19:26

We have been working on her memory verse, discussing how it applies to the things that we do in our daily lives. The other night, I was giving her some examples.

"Can Momma stay up all day and all night?"


"Can Momma and GOD stay up all day and night?"


"Can Momma clean the whole house top to bottom in two days?"


"Can Momma and GOD clean the whole house top to bottom in two days?"


Z liked this game and decided to come up with a few of her own.

"Can Z be a mermaid?"


"Can Z and GOD be a mermaid?"


"Can Z be a puppy?"


"Can Z and GOD be a puppy?"


We are called  to have a childlike faith, and while I am not sure that God is in the business of turning small children into pets or mermaids, I do need to take a lesson here from my little girl. Nothing is out of the scope of her faith, EVERYTHING is possible in her mind.

When I look at my day, the things that need to be accomplished, the plethora of guilt and stress that is building up on a daily basis - I need to turn all of those things (even the ones that I have shame - okay, especially - the ones that I have shame over) to God because to him, nothing is too large, nothing is too out of scope, NOTHING is impossible. Then, I need to sit back and relax without letting worry, guilt, shame, or stress override them.

God has this.

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